Crown Composites is offering clients unique opportunities to design custom thin-gauge composites. Numerous process options are available. For example:

A thermoplastic polymer serving as a matrix base can be reinforced with glass, carbon, aramid or metal fibers during the compression molding process.

Products such as rubber and polyethylene can be molded together and then backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive, creating a thin, peel and stick rubber sheet.

Thicker products, such as thermoplastic honeycomb, can be surface laminated and bonded to other thermoplastic materials.

Powdered resins like UHMW-PE and Kevlar can be blended and co-molded.

The same machines that pressure and mold can also de-bulk, compressing thick products to mere thousandths of an inch.

Crown Composites’ manufacturing offers continuous belt processing up to 30” wide (with 48” expandability) at a maximum sustained temperature of 700° F. Solid, cross-sectional sheet molding up to .125” thick and surface, multilayer lamination up to 1.5” thick.

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