Manufacturing Services

Crown composites manufacturing services

Machine Capabilities

  • Continuous belt press * Dependent upon composite components
  • Processing temperatures in excess of 750º F
  • Process Width: 60″ continuous run with infinite length
  • Pressure capability from atmospheric to > 1500 PSI
  • Variable feed rates up to 120″/min
  • Thick cross sectional molding (solid molded sheet)
  • Up to 1.5″ total thickness for surface skin lamination (example – honeycomb lamination)

Process Specializations

  • Small order to large scale production
  • Prototyping and pilot run capability
  • Multilayer lamination
  • Powdered resin molding
  • Dry fiber and mat debulking
  • Continuous roll handling
  • Post process curing and converting capability
Crown Composites