Crown Composites is well positioned to deliver technological value where requirements for improved strength-to-weight ratio and/or corrosion resistance are critical.  Industries including:


Crown composites areospce• Interior panels
• Mounting brackets
• Electronic enclosures


Composites for automotive• Mounting brackets
• Suspension springs
• Commercial body panels
• Structural members


Composites for construction• Building Products
• Marine
• Pipe
• Architectural Armor
• Blast & NIJ Level requirements
• Offshore Oil and Gas


Crown composites for defense• Soft and hard personal protection
• Light weight aircraft armor
• Light weight vehicle armor

Electrical & Electronics

Composites for electronics• Electro magnetic shielding
• Circuit boards
• Covers and enclosures
• Conducting materials
• Insulating materials


Crown composites for medical• Radiography machine enclosures
• Transport beds
• Imaging tables
• Surgical instruments

High Pressure Tanks

Composites for high pressure tanks• Corrosion resistant
• Filtration tanks
• Storage tanks